Pattaya received heavy rain on Saturday before Bikini Run; sunny weather this week

Last Saturday saw heavy rain in Pattaya City in the afternoon and luckily the rain stopped at about 5pm allowing the Bikini Run on beach to take place as scheduled.

Forecast for Pattaya City and Eastern Part Weather

Cloudy with scattered thundershowers in Sa Kaeo, PrachinBuri, Chachoengsao, Chonburi and Rayong. Minimum temperature 23-24 °C. Maximum temperature 32-33 °C. Easterly winds 15-30 km/hr. Wave height about 1 meter and 1-2 meters offshore.

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7 days Weather Forecast.

7 days Weather Forecast

During 1 – 2 Nov, isolated rain. Minimum temperature 23-24°C. Maximum temperature 29-32°C.

During 3 – 7 Nov, cool with strong wind and less rain; 1-2°C drop in temperature. Isolated rain. Minimum temperature 21-23°C. Maximum temperature 30-33°C. Northeasterly wind 15-30 km/hr. Wave height about 1 meter and 1-2 meters off shore.

4 Weeks Weather Forecast.


Bikini Run participants turned up in big number as expected after the heavy rain fall before the race.