Pattaya protests continue for 3rd day

Protestors give the three-fingered salute as they protest against the government at Terminal 21.

Small pro-democracy protests continued in Pattaya for a third day, this time moving to outside the Terminal 21 shopping mall.

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Sunday’s demonstration by the Pattaya People’s Party at the South Pattaya mall was echoed by another demonstration on Pattaya Beach opposite Royal Garden Plaza, with both assemblies drawing a total of about 100 people.

Students chant anti-government slogans during the protests at Terminal 21.

Most of the protesters were youths wearing face masks and their student uniforms, using tape to conceal their names and schools. Moreover, regular working people and vendors joined in.

The protesters waved signs with various messages and shouted for democracy against the government by stating that the government is authoritarian.

Representatives of the public assembly gave speeches to share their opinions, raised the three-finger “Hunger Games” salute co-opted by the pro-democracy movement, and used telephone lights as a symbol against the government.

Police and local officials monitored the peaceful protests but did not intervene, allowing the protest to end at 8 p.m.

Students hold placards condemning the government for being authoritarian.

Students wearing face masks and their student uniforms, used tape to conceal their names and schools march at the protest site.


Policemonitored the rally without intervention until 8 p.m. when the protestors dispersed.