Pattaya politicians use party’s funds to pay for village lighting

Pattaya mayor Poramet said that though the street in the housing estate is privately owned, his party donated and installed solar lighting for the convenience and safety of the residents.

Pattaya politicians used their party’s funds to install lights at an unincorporated village outside city jurisdiction.

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet, Deputy Mayor Wuthisak Rermkijakarn and City Council Chairman Banlue Kullavanijaya, all members of the We Love Pattaya political group, visited the unnamed east Pattaya housing estate behind Kratinglai Temple Sept. 23.

The 40 families living there had asked Pattaya City Hall to install streetlights, as their community has been in the dark for three years.

However, Poramet told the villagers their estate was not legally founded and the street running through the neighborhood is privately owned, not public. Furthermore, the village isn’t even located within Pattaya’s city boundaries: It’s located in Nong Plalai Subdistrict.

So the politicians used their party’s funds to pay for 24 solar-powered lights to solve the immediate problem

However, neighborhood representative Manasawin Klinkla was told, the village needs to be properly incorporated and registered and all families must pay into a fund to keep the lights on. If the residents want public assistance in the future, they need to surrender their private street to the local government.

Children feel safer now that Pattaya mayor and his councilors donated party funds to install solar lighting on power poles in their housing estate.