Pattaya police told to conclude 735 unsolved cases by Feb. 28


Top provincial police officials have told Pattaya’s police department to shift into a higher gear after learning the Soi 9 police station had 735 unsolved cases on its books.

Pol. Col. Sakrapee Piewpanit, deputy commander of Chonburi Police, gave marching orders to Pattaya superintendent Pol. Col. Sukthat Pumpunmuang and 38 officers at a Jan. 29 meeting.

An audit revealed 600 unsolved cases or ones not sent to prosecutors, along with 135 misdemeanor cases not closed out. Top Chonburi and Region 2 police brass ordered the Chonburi Police Station to whip the Pattaya station into shape.

Pol. Col. Sakrapee Piewpanit, deputy commander of Chonburi Police, tells the local constabulary they need to clear out 735 unsolved cases by the end of this month.

The local cops were given a deadline of Feb. 28 to demonstrate substantial progress.

If the cases remain unsolved after the deadline, the Pattaya chief was told, someone would have to accept responsibility since the residents who have filed reports must have a resolution to their concerns and justice.

Any police officers who are ignoring the orders will be relocated elsewhere since Police Region 2 requires people who are willing to serve and secure the community with honesty and bring to the hearts of the residents that police are reliable, Sakrapee told them.