Pattaya police resume cleaning up ‘coconut bar’ on Beach Road

Pattaya police question provocatively dressed ladyboys and women on suspicion of plying their sexual services in public.

Tourists are back and so are Pattaya’s Beach Road prostitute sweeps.

With the, albeit small, influx of foreign tourists into Pattaya, the “coconut bar” under the palm trees on the Beach Road promenade has picked up again, with ladies – and ladyboys – of the night returning from Soi Buakhao and Tinder to entice men into illicit affairs, or into a robbery trap.

Pattaya police on Nov. 25 refilled the Soi 9 stations party fund by rounding up provocatively dressed loiterers, fining them all 1,000 baht, and then letting them go back to what they were doing.

It’s the surest sign yet Pattaya is returning to normal.

Those that fit the bill are rounded up and taken to the police station for questioning and fined if found guilty.

Police question a woman sitting on the pavement on Beach road drinking alcohol.

Police say that selling sex in public is illegal and could ruin Pattaya’s image especially when tourists come to celebrate festivals in town.