Pattaya, Nongprue collaborate on flood management


Pattaya City and Nongprue Sub-district officials put their heads and budgets together in hopes of taking further steps to cure the region’s annual flooding problem.

Pattaya Deputy Mayor Verawat Khakhay and Nongprue Deputy Mayor Pramote Tabtim met at sub-district headquarters Feb. 1 to review the status of several small projects and collaborate on an 800-million-baht initiative to build a new wastewater-treatment facility in East Pattaya.

Pramote said Nongprue covers 54 sq. kilometers and that its southern zone, including Nongkrabok, Nonghin, Khao Noi, and Khao Talo were set to get new sewer lines in a 10-million-baht project.

In the central zone consisting of Nernplabwan, Siam Country Club, Marbtato, and Nong Mai Kan, water funnels into the Wanasin Market area and on to the a canal to be carried to the existing wastewater plant.

Deputy Mayor Verawat Khakhay and Nongprue Deputy Mayor Pramote Tabtim meet with local officials to collaborate on finding solutions to the region’s annual flooding problem.

The northern zone contains water from the Pornprapanimit and Mabprachan areas and flows into the Naklua Canal.

The municipality has been trying to find the ways to solve the problem constructing the Kaem Ling wastewater project and expand the public canal. But, to date, funding has been the problem.

Pattaya also has an interest in the project and has requested a budget of 800 million baht to construct the facility near the intersection of Soi Khao Noi and the railway tracks.

The plant would be able to process 15,000 cu. meters water at a time and includes eight high-pressure pumps to pass water into the Sua Paw Canal about five kilometers away.

Verawat said, if constructed, the plant would finally resolve the bulk of the flooding problems caused by Nongprue wastewater running into the Sua Paw and Naklua canals and overflowing into Pattaya City.

Verawat also asked his Nongprue counterpart to survey Naklua Canal so it can be expanded as part of a 20-million-baht project that also calls for a water-filtration system to be installed in the waterway.