Pattaya-Nongprue citizens survive on food donations and benevolence

Food stands are set under the shade of trees in the Nongprue Municipality grounds where citizens can walk by and pick up one survival bag each containing food and amenities.

Needy citizens in the Pattaya Nongprue sub district can now pick up food and amenities at the municipality compound on a daily basis.

With generous donations from the public, government officers have set up food stands where needy people collect food and other necessities.

Winai Intrapitak, Mayor of Nongprue Municipality, together with Pattaya City councilor Sayant Janthong supported by local business people and volunteers were on hand August 3, to distribute food and relief packages to the local community.

Winai said, “The covid-19 pandemic has affected every circle of society. Hundreds of thousands of people are unemployed; businesses are forced to shut down, inflicting extreme hardships to the people and their families.

Winai Intrapitak, Mayor of Nongprue Municipality greets an elderly lady who picked up a bag of eggs and cooking oil.

“The Nongprue Municipality is a government organization and our duty is to help the people and give them as much assistance as we possibly can. We want to be a part of this humanitarian relief effort.

“We receive generous donations of food and amenities from local businesses and the public, which we pack into relief bags for distribution to the needy.

The contents of the survival packages vary from day to day. Some days we have rice and dried food and some days we give out boxes of cooked food that is ready to eat.

Winai said, “The people are allowed to take only one box per person so that more people get a chance to get something too.

“We started distributing food and amenities to the public on August 1 and we will continue to do so at 3 p.m. every day.”

The municipality also distributes face masks and sanitizing gel to the public.

Each person gets one survival bag each, the choices are a bag of eggs and cooking oil, instant noodles or a bag of dried fish.
People queueing up to get their rations have their hands sanitized by a government official, while city police maintain peace and order.
Mayor Winai speaks to his distressed constituents, telling them that the municipality will continue to do their utmost to help those who have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic economic crash.