Pattaya Nong Plalai rolls out disinfectant convoy to allay community’s coronavirus fears

Water trucks filled with bleach-based disinfectant roll out to attack the fears coronavirus is causing.

Nong Plalai continues to spay disinfectant outside across the subdistrict to comply with demands from coronavirus-panicked locals.

Mayor Pinyo Homklin led 100 Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department workers in the May 15 operation using a water truck filled with bleach-based disinfectant to spray outside areas.

Residents scared of Covid-19 are demanding their elected leaders do something, so the trucks continue to roll.

The disinfectant was sprayed at outdoor markets and on road surfaces overnight.

In a strong show of support, Nong Plalai officials stage a large rally to send out their disinfectant convoy.