Pattaya midnight garbage dumper caught in the act

Nongprue municipality law enforcers caught the driver of this pickup truck red-handed as he was dumping his garbage in a dark soi.

Pattaya residents have repeatedly complained to the authorities that unscrupulous people were sneaking around in the dead of night dumping their garbage on their roads and in their communities which was very unhygienic and caused quite a stink.

The authorities have relentlessly tried to put a stop to this unsavory act, but have not been too successful.

They even posted signs and billboards to warn people that they would have to pay a hefty fine of 2000 baht if caught. These strict measures still couldn’t deter people from continuing with their dirty actions.

Finally, on the night of Nov. 10, while on their routine inspection round, a team of law enforcement officers from Nongprue municipality spied a pickup truck in a dark soi off Pattanakarn Road and saw that a man was dumping loads of garbage on the side of the road.

Seeing the illegal act right before their eyes, the officers pounced on the culprit and hauled him off to the municipal police station.

The unidentified driver of the garbage-laden pickup truck was given a good talking to and fined the full amount for this offence of 2000 baht, with a stern warning not to dump his garbage in forbidden areas in the community again.

The unidentified offender was reprimanded for his unsavoury behaviour and fined 2000 baht.