Pattaya medical units sterilize dogs to reduce stray population

A veterinarian sterilizes a stray dog at a Pattaya City mobile medical unit.

Pattaya City is taking the issue of the growing population of stray dogs on the streets and on the beaches very seriously.

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet assigned teams of veterinarians and environmental health experts from the Department of Public Health and Environment to clean the beaches regularly and control the stray dog population by organizing regular sterilization programs in the communities.

Mr. Choco, a resident of Jomtien Beach said that the problem of stray dogs often stems from individuals adopting them without considering the long-term commitment. As these puppies grow older and lose their initial cuddliness, the owners tend to abandon them. This cycle perpetuates the stray dog population, leading to challenges for the community.

Pattaya city authorities usually announce schedules of their sterilization services through official channels. Residents can stay informed by following the direct communications on the Pattaya mayor’s official Facebook page or by contacting the 1337 Pattaya Call Center for additional information.

The city also invites domestic pets owners to bring their for a rabies shots at the mobile clinics.