Pattaya launches new online service for Thais and foreigners

Pattaya has come up with new online service to improve communication for Thais and foreigners.

The account, called [email protected] PATTAYA CONNECT, is available via the Line app and can be followed here:

[email protected] PATTAYA CONNECT

Once you add the account and register by submitting your name and mobile number, tap ‘chat’ and you will be able to receive updates in English on a variety of topics including:
– Traffic reports and other useful information for road users
– Book an appointment with a doctor at a local hospital
– Make complaints to the local authority or request non-emergency assistance from the police
– Tourist information: search for restaurants, accommodation, tourist attractions and transportation in Pattaya and the surrounding areas
– Search promotions from local businesses
– Get official updates and information on education services for all ages (NNT)