Pattaya is getting hot with the weather and weekend events

Pattaya’s weather has been unpredictable but a long list of weekend events is scheduled.

Pattaya’s weather has been unpredictable last week with two full afternoons of rainfall over the warm weekend and is expected to bevery hot and humid on coming days. The sky is forecast to be clear from Tuesday on.

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The temperature hits 32-34 °C in the afternoon. Stronger winds at the speed of 15-35 km/hour. Onshore wave height is below 1 meter and 1-2 meter offshore.Sunshine is forecast to be back on Tuesday through Sunday.

Local hotels offer promotional fares on advanced bookings for holiday makers on the firework weekend.

Pattaya still sees smoky haze covering its town and extending to the bay.

The coming weekend (Nov 27-28) there will be ‘Pattaya Fireworks Festival’, one of the major public events in this year’s short list.

The City hall is giving the public sets of the lengthy firework exhibitions starting from 7 p.m. on wards on both days. Breaks and entertainment will be in between of each show. Intermediate performances include boxing shows, traditional drums shows, school marching bands, as well as live music and entertainment performed by young Thai singers and bands.

And again this year the Miss Tiffany’s Universe pageant contest that is giving opportunities to 30 transgender finalists to show off their beauty and talents on the stage at Tiffany’s Show Theatre Pattaya to win the crown and prizes is set on Saturday night Nov 28.

Pattaya is the city that never sleeps, especially on weekends.

Pattaya Music Festival will take place on Dec 11-12. The main stage will be at Central and Beach roads with other stages at the Dusit Curve and at the foot of Soi 4. Another stage will be at the Jomtien Beach multipurpose zone, within the second kilometer from Dontan curve.

Finally, with a grand farewell to the year 2020‘ Pattaya Countdown Music Festival’ Dec 29-31 at Bali Hai Pier.

Transgender women or Lady Boy 30 finalists will be contesting for Miss Tiffany’s Universe crown at Tiffany’s Show Theatre Pattaya on Saturday night Nov 28.


A warm afternoon at Jomitien beach.

Pattaya Weather Forecast.


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