An exciting drive-through in Pattaya beach Soi 6 at night with a lot of friendly hellos

Pattaya Beach Soi 6 Street on Sunday night and girls that keep calling you out for drinks.

Pattaya is quiet but not all that bad. The famous South Pattaya Walking Street could survive the winter that is certain. Pubs, bars, and entertainment venues that still struggle to stay open could lure a lot of weekend tourists to spend money there for some refreshment and dripping dances.

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On the recent long weekend there was again a beach food and music fair that went on for full 4 days. It successfully attracted a lot of visitors, mostly Thais, to town. An experience to share came after driving around the city and having to cut into Pattaya beach Soi 6 to get to the beach fair on Sunday night.

Almost all of the shops are open, some did survive, and some did not.

An exciting moment sprang up when turning into the Soi and started seeing girls in their best costumes standing in front of their bars, calling for customers, which were not many at the time. Lowering down the car window for about 2 inches, could hear the voice of welcoming all along the street. The girls called people for a stop to have a drink or two with them. Happy to see smiles on their faces with a mix of screams and shouts. Feeling like having to park for them for a couple of hours but had another destination to go on the night. What a miss.

Pattaya Soi 6 bars are open amongst many other nightlife locations that are not very lively at the time. The street is lit up in different shades of neon lights. Drinks are on the bargain. Food is available. A warm talk with a friendly and charming companion on a cool misty night at a bar in Soi 6 is in the must-do list when visiting Pattaya City.


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