Pattaya health officers begin testing bar workers at home

Health workers interview a 7-Eleven employee, one of the many workers who remained on the job in high risk areas.

Pattaya public-health workers have begun visiting popular bar areas to test lingering workers for Covid-19.

While bars have been closed for nearly a month in Pattaya, some hostesses and staff have remained in the city, some peeking out from behind “closed” doors to entice straggling foreigners inside for a “private” drink.

Health workers on April 14 visited both Soi 6 and Soi Buakhao, areas thick with hostess and beer bars that offer accommodations to employees who may have remained in Pattaya, rather than return to the provinces.

Workers tested them for the coronavirus and encouraged them to tell friends to get tested if they are still working in a “high-risk” occupation, such as with foreigners.

It was not made known if any of the people tested were positive.

Nurse Naanya Jantarakad said anyone who thinks they’ve been had high-risk exposure should call 038-429-116 to arrange a test.