Pattaya fuel spill causes string of motorbike crashes

Prasert, the rider of the Stallion big bike sits on the pavement slightly injured as bystanders put out the flames engulfing his motorbike.

Fuel spilled on a Pattaya road caused accidents and a fire, injuring a handful of motorcyclists.

Nongprue firefighters reported to reports of a motorbike fire in front of Smile Furniture store on Soi Siam Country Club June 1. Authorities arrived to find bystanders using fire extinguishers on the Stallion big bike. The driver, identified only as Prasert, 41, suffered road rash.

Witnesses said Prasert skid and crashed after hitting a 100-meter fuel oil spill on the street, sparks from his sliding bike ignited the fire.

Nearby residents said a fuel truck had sloshed the road with oil and that about five motorcyclists were hurt in crashes caused by the slick surface.

Subdistrict workers cordoned off the street and covered the fuel with sand.

A Grab food delivery taxi skids on the patch of oil and crashes right before the eyes of the cameraman.

Another one bites the dust, this biker also skidded on the oil spill and crashed.

The chemical covered remains of the Stallion big bike after the flames were extinguished.