Pattaya fraud victims ignored by bank and police stage protest

Victims of the scam protested in front of the Kasikorn bank demanding the bank return their money.

About 50 victims of an alleged scam perpetrated by a former Kasikornbank manager demonstrated outside Pattaya Police Station to demand action in their case and threatened to take their protest to Bangkok next month.

Nine months after Kasikornbank Pattaya branch assistant manager Chaisit Sapphoemphull allegedly used outdated bank books and documents to steal funds transferred by expats from overseas and duped both foreigners and Thais into investing in bogus mutual funds, he still has not be prosecuted and none of the money recovered.

While Chaisit is serving time for destroying bank documents, the victims of the scam are demanding police and prosecutors act to get them justice after basically ignoring the case for much of 2021.

The victims met earlier this month with Pattaya’s new police chief on Dec. 9, who vowed action within two weeks. That date came and went with no progress.

More than 50 Thai and foreign victims of the scam protested outside the Pattaya police station demanding action in solving the fraud case.

So, victims took their case public, protesting outside the police station, waving signs and shouting demands. If Pattaya police continue to drag their feet, the fraud victims vowed to picket outside the Bangkok headquarters of the Royal Thai Police Jan. 11.

Sirichai Piyapichetkul, an attorney for three Chinese fraud victims, said his clients are out a combined 200 million baht.

He and other clients want Kasikornbank – which has failed to take any responsibility for its former executive – to repay the money with 7.5% interest.

Sirichai said Kasikornbank was notified by letter on Dec. 1 to compensate the victims by Dec. 7, but the bank ignored it. A second letter was sent demanding redress by Dec. 20. That deadline was missed as well.

A representative of the foreign victims of the scam appeals to the Pattaya police to help them retrieve their money.

The victims of the fraud asked Pattaya police chief Pol.Col. Kullachart Kullachai to appoint a new team of investigators to speed things up.

Protestors march along Beach Road opposite the Pattaya police station demanding to be heard.

Victims of the scam gather in front of the Kasikorn Bank holding up signs and demanding the return of their money.