Pattaya drunk driver breaks curfew, wrecks pickup

The driver, Pisal Thongtha, receives treatment for minor injuries at the scene of the accident.

A drunk driver out with his girlfriend after curfew couldn’t navigate the Sukhumvit Motorway entrance and slammed his Toyota pickup into the barriers.

Building contractor Pisal Thongtha, 35, admitted he had been drinking and told police he was called out to mediate a quarrel at his construction site after midnight, Sept. 16.

His unnamed ride-along girlfriend received minor injuries and was taken to a nearby hospital.
Pisal claimed his pickup was rear-ended, which caused him to lose control and hit the barriers.

Police detained Pisal for further questioning and photographed damages to the barriers and pickup as evidence.

The front grill of Pisal’s black Toyota was damaged.

The barriers at the entry of the Sukhumvit-Motorway overpass were also damaged.