Pattaya cuts and trims unsightly trees along Jomtien beach

Pattana Boonsawad, Pattaya Deputy mayor instructed the city environmental department to remove dead tree stumps along Jomtien beach.

Through the course of time many pine and palm trees along Jomtien Beach road have died due to natural causes and only their bare stumps are left standing which has become an eyesore for residents and visitors alike.

Last week Pattana Boonsawad, Pattaya Deputy mayor inspected the area to evaluate what needed to be done to restore the beach walkway to its former beauty.

He instructed the Pattaya City department of the environment to cut all the dead trees and do whatever was needed to improve the landscape.

He said the city must be kept clean and tidy for when the COVID-19 situation in Pattaya improves, visitors would flock back to the resort in large numbers.

Many trees have died and their bare stumps have become eyesores.