Pattaya couple moans about plainclothes police conduct

A security camera shows the two men, claiming to be cops, coming into the grocery store in pursuit of a pair of young people and then walked off with the shipowner’s keys.

Plain-clothed Banglamung police upset a Jomtien Beach couple by not clearly identifying themselves and taking their keys.
Janyaporn Lando, 41, and Wiwat Theppitak, 56, complained to the media Oct. 3 that two men came into their grocery store in pursuit of a pair of young people who pulled in there on their motorbike. The men, who the couple were unsure were police, frisked the youths and took them away. While doing so, one man grabbed a set of keys from the counter and left.

They keys belonged to the couple, not the youths.
The confusion lifted Oct. 4 when the men returned to the store, identified themselves as Banglamung officers. Apologized and returned the keys, which they said they took by mistake.
The shop keeper and his wife said they were satisfied with the conclusion of the unfortunate incident after they got their keys back.


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