Pattaya council to consider limiting pet ownership


Pattaya has revived a 2016 push to limit the number of pets residents can own and mandate their registration.
Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai chaired a May 21 meeting on new regulations governing the raising and releasing dogs and cats. The proposals are based on a Public Health Department memo from February 2016 that limits owners of average-sized homes to two dogs and three cats.
Pets must be registered at the sub-district office with allowances made for larger homes.
The proposal does not include changes proposed by the Agriculture Ministry in 2018 that would have imposed fees for registration.
Other rules cover moving pets to new areas, signage and excrement cleaning.
The ministry in October that year was forced to revise its amendments to the 2014 Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animal Act after they were approved by the Cabinet without public input.
The junta had ramrodded through the changes to the law without any feedback from pet owners, prompting a massive backlash once Cabinet approval was announced. The amendment would have required pet owners to pay a 450-baht-per-animal registration fee or be slapped with a 25,000-baht fine.
The full set of legal changes will be considered by the Pattaya City Council May 27. (PCPR)


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