Pattaya council tells mayor to cancel Thepprasit center island

The south side of Thepprasit Road has already been dug up contrary to the city’s promise that the north side will be repaved first before starting work on the other side.

The Pattaya City Council urged city hall to drop plans to build a center traffic island on Thepprasit Road.
Councilman Passakorn Usomboon said that while the island may improve safety, it will create long-term traffic problems that outweigh any safety benefit.

Thepprasit is too narrow for an island. If one is built, cars waiting to make U-turns, combined with vehicles parked on the roadside, will reduce traffic to a crawl.
Pattaya administrators present at the meeting made no commitment on Passakorn’s request either way.

Councilman Chart Khunjeng, meanwhile, again complained to city hall representatives about Thepprasit’s manhole covers being seven centimeters higher than the current road surface.
Mayor Poramet Ngampichet reiterated earlier comments that the road is not done and, when finished, will be level. He urged patience.

Poramet, however, had said publicly earlier that Pattaya would expedite repaving of the north side of Thepprasit where flood-drainage construction is finished, rather than wait to pave both halves of the road at the same time once all the work is done.
No mention of this earlier promise or a date for repaving were given.

Councilmen continued to complain that the manhole covers are seven centimeters higher than the current road surface and that Thepprasit Road is too narrow for a center island.


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