Pattaya Community Police Volunteers elect new chief

(l-r) Nikom Sangkaew, Boonruk Bookboon and Kritsana Boonsawat were elected as chairman and vice chairmen of the Pattaya Community Police Volunteers.

The Pattaya police force has limited manpower, so it is practically impossible to patrol every street and community throughout the day and night.

To help them in their duties, the Pattaya Community Police Volunteers Group was set up under the police department’s authority to assist in their peacekeeping efforts, to serve and protect the numerous communities and villages in the Pattaya area.

The PCPV does not have suppression powers nor the authority to make arrests, but they have the responsibility to prevent and protect the citizenry from potential crimes involving drugs, robberies and other misdemeanors.

They act as the eyes and ears of the authorities keeping the police informed of the goings-on of the people under their jurisdiction.

A Pattaya police officer instructs the volunteers on the proper methods to prevent and protect the communities from potential criminal acts.

The PCPV works under the guidance of an elected chief and a committee based at the Pattaya police station.

At the annual training seminar held at the Diana Garden Resort on June 19-20, Nikom Sangkaew was elected as the new chairman. Boonruk Bookboon and Kritsana Boonsawat were elected as vice chairmen.

On being elected chairman of the Pattaya Community Police Volunteers, Nikom said, “The volunteer group comprises extremely talented people from many professions. We are quite capable of helping the police in their work and are well trained in crime control and prevention techniques. Our work in the community takes pressure off the regular police who can focus on suppressing serious crimes in our city.”

Community police volunteers practice methods of self-defense and tackling criminals.

Pattaya Community Police Volunteers gather for a group photograph at the end of the 2-day seminar.