Pattaya citizens gifted calendars and promises of better year ahead

Government officials hand out calendars and wishes for a Happy New Year to their constituents.

Just when people of Pattaya were resigned to the notion that time stood still and that the forecast for 2022 would be just as dark and grim as the previous years, along come the merry men from city hall bearing gifts to brighten up the lives of their constituents and to give them hope for a better year ahead.

The Pattaya City working team included Banjong Banthoonprayuk and Jirawat Sukjai, representatives of Nakorn Phonlookin, Vice Chairman of Chonburi Provincial Administrative Organization Council. Together they traversed the communities in Soi Buakhao, the Big Icehouse and Soi Tangmo Dec. 29, greeting the citizens and distributing 2022 calendars adorned with the portrait of Their Majesties the King and Queen of Thailand.

Whilst on their goodwill rounds, they listened with concern to the troubles plaguing the citizenry, which was of course predominantly the subject of Covid-19 and the state of their financial collapse.

Another major complaint was the incessant digging up and repairing the roads in their communities. They asked that the work be done quickly so that their communities could go back to their routine peaceful and safe lives again.

The city officials promised to comply with the needs of the people as quickly as they possibly could.