Pattaya changing Sukhumvit-Central Road tunnel lighting to LED

Mayor Poramet Ngampichet inspected the Sukhumvit-Central Road tunnel where most of the light bulbs had burned out and the underpass is in virtual darkness.

Pattaya is doing more than changing burned-out bulbs in the Central Road bypass tunnel, it’s lowering the electricity bill as well.
Mayor Poramet Ngampichet said Oct. 11 that 80% of the tunnel’s 400-watt halide lamps were broken or burned out due to lack of maintenance.

A week ago, Pattaya received 100 high-powered bulbs specifically made for the underpass and work to replace bulbs began.
The long-term plan, however, is to change from the 400-watt halide lamps to 60-wat LED bulbs that are cheaper, longer-lasting and more energy-efficient.

Poramet said the electric bill for the tunnel currently is about 50,000 baht a month. That should drop significantly once the 976 bulbs are changed over to LEDs, he said.

That process will take 2 months before the 3 million baht budget is approved, the bulbs procured and contractor hired. Work to install new LED bulbs is scheduled to begin in March or April 2023.

In the mean time city lighting department are changing 100 burned out light bulbs to light up the underground passageway.