Pattaya bread truck flips taxi in massive collision, driver hurt

The heavy Toyota Fortuner was hit with such force that it flipped onto its side.

A taxi driver was injured when a bread delivery truck collided with his car in East Pattaya.

Komkrit Jantimangkul, 43, wasn’t seriously hurt in the May 17 wreck on the railway-parallel road at the intersection of Soi Nernplubwan even though his Toyota Fortuner taxi ended up on its side.

Pattarawat Mahachai, the 21-year-old driver of the Isuzu bread-delivery truck, admitted he drove on to the railway road at high speed and didn’t see the taxi. He slammed his brakes, but could not stop in time before crashing into the side of the taxi flipping it on its side.

Taxi driver Komkrit Jantimangkul gets treated for the injury to his head.

Traffic is bad enough in Soi Nernplubwan and Khao Talo without having a taxi sprawled all over the intersection causing a massive snarl-up.