Pattaya bids farewell to Dr. Santsak Ngampiches at Royal sponsored cremation

Dr. Santsak ‘Jaroon’ Ngampiches – 22 August 1941-29 November 2021.

People from all walks of life turned out to offer final blessings to veteran Chonburi politician Dr. Santsak ‘Jaroon’ Ngampiches who was respected and loved by his constituents, businesses partners and friends.

The Pattaya community of politicians, business people and citizens were well represented at the Dec. 10 funeral rites at Chaimongkol Temple in Pattaya by current and former mayors from across the province.

Santsak died of natural causes at age 80 on Nov. 29 at Vimut Hospital in Bangkok. Among his survivors are sons Ekasit, former president of the Pattaya Business & Tourism Association, and Poramet, also a former MP.
Santsak began his career as the mayor of Chonburi’s Muang District from 1982-83 before stepping on to the national stage.

Court valets carry the Royal flame and 5 monks’ robes bestowed by HM King Rama X for the Royal sponsored funeral rites and cremation.

He won the election to the House of Representatives in 1983. He was appointed deputy public health minister in the government of Gen. Suchinda Khraprayoon.

Santsak served in the cabinet of Thaksin Shinawatra. He later returned to local politics, joining the Chonburi provincial council.

In 2011, Santsak was named party leader for the newly formed Palang Chon Party. In Yingluck Shinawatra’s government, he headed the House’s Arts and Culture Committee.

In that government, the party-list MP headed the House’s Arts and Culture Committee.

Santsak’s sons Ekasit and Poramet at the head of the funeral procession around the crematorium.

The royally sponsored funeral saw a ceremony containing the invitation of the inner urn of octagonal cinerary urn to go around the crematory three times in a procession.

There was a live “Khon” masked-play performance of “Ramayana, Sita in the Flames” by the Bunditpatanasilpa Institute of the Culture Ministry.

In addition, the Ngampiches family donated 260,000 baht to the temple to further Buddhism, schools, foundations and volunteer organizations.

The funeral continued with the presentation of 15 sets of monk’s robes. At 4 p.m. the royal flame and five sets of royal monk’s robes donated by HM King Rama X were brought to the ceremony marquee.

Eakasit read the King’s message before Sonthaya chaired the laying of funeral ropes ceremony and lit the funeral pyre.

Court valets carry the urn containing the remains of Santsak Ngampiches in a procession circulating 3 times around the crematorium.

Artists from the Bunditpatanasilpa Institute of the Culture Ministry performed the “Khon” masked-play in honor of the late Santsak Ngampiches.

Musicians from the Culture Ministry lead the procession around the crematorium playing somber Thai classical funeral music.