Pattaya Bali Hai upgrades falling apart due to no maintenance

The boardwalk along the beach is broken and cracked all over and is dangerous to walk on.

Two years after Pattaya’s then-military government spent 95 million baht to renovate and beautify Bali Hai for the navy’s International Fleet Review the entire pier has deteriorated into a mess of cracked roads, broken lights and dry fountains.

From CCTV cameras to traffic lights to its youth sports center and Koh Larn’s solar-powered office building, Pattaya has a long, embarrassing history of spending big money on shiny new projects only to spend nothing on maintenance.

In 2017, the navy directed Pattaya’s military-appointed administrators to transform Bali Hai Pier for its international show. About 13 million baht was spent to pier buildings, including construction of a new administrative building, and 81 million baht on landscaping Bali Hai’s 10 rais, including building a “dancing fountain” with colorful LED lighting.

Deputy City Manager Kiettisak Sriwongchai together with city officials inspect the run-down pier and will begin repairs immediately.

Less than two years later, the fountain’s lights are broken, the pump is out of order, the administrative building vacant and dilapidated, the walkway behind the fountain pockmarked with holes, and floors of the multipurpose zone cracked.

Deputy City Manager Kiettisak Sriwongchai and city officials inspected the run-down pier Oct. 7 under orders from Mayor Sonthaya Kunplome to quickly begin repairs.

The dormant ‘dancing fountain’ lays dry and barren void of the beauty and splendor of when it was constructed.

Kiettisak said more than 4.2 million baht of the original contract was set aside for maintenance to be carried out by the contractor, who did nothing since getting paid. The city sent two letters requesting maintenance work was done, but no follow up was made and Bali Hai was left to rot.

This is what the ‘dancing fountain’ looked like when it was first built in 2017.