Pattaya authorities checking transformers following deadly Bangkok fire

There are over 300 transformers in Pattaya and many of them are installed on utility poles on Walking Street.

The Provincial Electricity Authority reassured the public that Pattaya-area transformers are safe following a deadly explosion and fire in Bangkok.

Jaroon Dechjon, deputy Manager for the PEA’s Pattaya office, said the utility uses two types of transformers, including the scaffolding-like unit that exploded a week ago in Bangkok’s Samphanthawong District, sparking a fire that killed two people and destroyed six shophouses.

Residents near Bangkok’s Sampheng Market had repeatedly complained to the city’s Metropolitan Electricity Authority about the transformer, which caught fire before, and low-hanging wires, but the utility company did nothing. Its workers actually checked the transformer 30 minutes before the fire.

The utility now is being sued for its alleged negligence.

Jaroon Dechjon, deputy Manager for the PEA’s Pattaya office, said that the PEA inspects the transformers at least once a year.

The PEA assured the public it is more on the job than in Bangkok and inspects all its transformers at least annually.

There are 306 of the Sampheng-type transformers in Pattaya. Following the fire, the PEA is checking all of them with inspections to finish by July 15.

The PEA asks all 180,000 residents of Pattaya to call 1129 immediately when they see electric wires on fire or even the slightest hint of a problem.

Pattaya’s Walking Street has an abundance of heavy-duty transformers which supply electricity to the hundreds of bars and nightclubs along the strip.