Pattaya 7-Eleven clerk cuffed for shooting at loud motorbike

Jakkrit confessed to police saying that he was just angry and didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

A hot-tempered convenience store clerk was arrested Saturday for shooting near the driver of a loud, modified motorbike in Pattaya.

Jakkrit Paliang, 20, was taken into custody around 7 a.m. Saturday with a 32-caliber revolver and bullets.

Police said Jakkrit confessed that he angrily fired off a shot at an 18-year-old motorcyclist with a loud, modified exhaust on Soi Wat Boonkanchanaram. He said he fired into the ground to warn him and make the driver stop revving his engine.

The 7-Eleven clerk also admitted he loved guns and bought the modified pistol on Facebook for 8,000 baht. He said he carried the gun around with him and, this morning, was so annoyed with the loud bike he could not control himself.

He was charged with possession and use of an illegal weapons and bullets in public.