Parking meltdown at Pattaya School No. 4

Haphazard parking in front of Pattaya School No.4.
Haphazard parking in front of Pattaya School No.4.

PATTAYA – With traffic police missing in action, motorists around Pattaya School No. 4 are parking three across and even on sidewalks, knowing they won’t be ticketed.

Parents have bombarded school management about the chaos, saying a traffic-management plan must be submitted, or, at least, Pattaya traffic police called out to control the mayhem.

A spot check on May 24 found the school area overloaded with cars, trucks, buses and vans, some parking on the sidewalk, as the small school parking lot was overloaded.

The School No. 4 parking chaos has continued even after Pattaya’s new traffic police commander said he would deploy more officers to school zones.

Pol. Maj. Arut Supanon said in a May 19 interview that he planned to have traffic cops start working 30 minutes earlier – at 6:30 a.m. – so they are on the job around schools when the morning rush hits. Of course, it doesn’t matter what time they start if they don’t show up at all.