Nongprue sub-district opens police station


Thanks to the efforts of the local mayor, Nongprue sub-district now has its very own police station.

On April 27, Nongprue Mayor Mai Chaiyanit announced the establishing of said police station in Nongprue. He said that the purpose of this move was to help reduce the escalating crime rate in the Nongprue community. Mayor Mai said that alarming statistics show that there are nearly 1,900 crime cases per year there.

Nongprue Mayor Mai Chaiyanit (2nd left) announces the setting up of the new police station. Nongprue Mayor Mai Chaiyanit (2nd left) announces the setting up of the new police station.

The mayor has been in constant negotiations with the Banglamung police station and the Chonburi police region 2 which controls the police in Chonburi province to help set up the new police precinct, which is initially a sub-station of the Banglamung main police station.

Finally, Pol. Maj. Gen Tha-ngai Pratsjaksatroo, commander of the Region 2 police, has given his consent to the plan.

The setting up of the Nongprue police station will be in 2 phases.

Phase One: the new police substation was opened on May 1, utilizing the old premises of the Nongprue municipality office. It offers full police services and is supported by police personnel from the Banglamung police station and from the region 2 police headquarters in Chonburi. The force is being supported by city police and police volunteers.

The second phase will be implemented in 2-3 years time when the police station will operate on its own as an independent authority with its own police chief.

The new building will be built near the public park next to the football field. The Nongprue sub district will seek funds for the construction of the premises and all the amenities needed from the Chonburi Provincial Administration Organization.

Mayor Mai said, “This is a very positive move for the safety and protection of the people living in Nongprue sub district. Statistics show that the population of Nongprue sub district is about 120,000, both permanent residents and visitors. Last year I saw that there were almost 1,900 cases involving the people in my jurisdiction and I would like to see the numbers reduced.

“This is fast growing community and with its close proximity to Pattaya is also an attraction for tourists to visit. I want to see a drastic reduction in the crime rate,” he said.

Nongprue sub district covers an area of 100 square kilometers on the east side of the railway tracks including some connecting areas of Tambon Pong.