Nongprue residents blast sub-district for unfinished pipe upgrade


Jomtien Beach residents are complaining about shoddy workmanship after Nongprue workers installing new drainage pipes under Soi Nonghin left behind dangerous potholes.

Residents said the sub-district had been putting in new water-drainage pumps to alleviate flooding near the intersection of Soi Chaiyapruek 2. That work was followed by new flood drains.

Residents point out the holes in the roads caused by the water pumps, leaving the road looking like the surface of the moon.

But the work was left unfinished for a long period, leaving the 1.5-meter diameter pipes in the road. Now, instead of draining water, the uninstalled pipes actually block the flow of flood runoff.

In addition, neighbors complained, the large holes left behind have caused numerous motorbike accidents.

Residents demanded the sub-district finish the job before rainy season sets in.