Nongprue funds Nernplabwan tailoring project


East Pattaya’s Nernplabwan Community 3 received 50,000 baht in funding from Nongprue to support a tailoring project to provide jobs for residents.

Mayor Mai Chaiyanit and sub-district councilors attended the Sept. 1 opening of the program aimed at cutting residents’ daily expenses while creating job opportunities for them.

Community President Metha Sa-ee had requested the funds to develop the neighborhood by creating home-based jobs for residents and improve their garment-making skills.

Nongprue Mayor Mai Chaiyanit hands over 50,000 baht from Nongprue to support a tailoring project there.

Mai said the funds were allocated as part of the sub-district’s program to keep residents employed and create jobs, generate revenue for social welfare and public improvement, and help reduce expenses for Nongprue residents by, in this case, creating a larger supply of inexpensive clothing.