Nongprue bans outdoor burning, urges grass cutting to prevent fires


Nongprue is urging residents to clear brush around their homes and avoid outdoor fires to prevent fire damage to homes and property during windy and hot weather.

Following several days of strong, cold breezes in late January, Chalermchai Yomsriken, fire and rescue officer in the sub-district, said public-relations campaigns have been launched in the Siam Country Club and Nongyai areas to reinforce the fire-prevention message.

Residents were told to create their own “firebreaks” by cutting grass surrounding their houses and avoiding burning outside. Also, regular checks of electrical appliances was encouraged to prevent shorts that are the source of many blazes.

Fire officials brought in heavy equipment (not shown) and workers to clear grass and flammable debris away from housing projects to form a firebreak to try and prevent worst case scenarios.

He noted that Nongprue has recently added and trained seven more firefighters to remain on standby in case of large fires.

Moreover, the plan is to let residents take responsibility for management and reinforcement to support long-term disaster-relief work government-decentralization policies.