Nong Nooch to spend 30 million baht on garden at 2014 Chinese plant show


Pattaya officials have begun preparations to attend the World Plant Convention in 2014.

At her biweekly meeting with reporters, Pattaya spokeswoman Yuwathida Jeerapat said more than 40 countries will send representatives to the exposition in Tsingtao, China, with Pattaya sending a team from Nong Nooch Tropical Garden.

The two cities, she said, also are collaborating on a new Pattaya-Tsingtao Coordination Center in the city’s Rubber Valley. Nong Nooch will invest more than 30 million baht to create a garden at the 2014 event.

Deputy spokesperson Banjong Banthoonprayuk (left) listens in whilst Pattaya spokesperson Yuwathida Jeerapat (right) provides her monthly report.

Yuwathida said the plant show will help boost Pattaya tourism from China, as more than 15 million people are expected to attend the plant show that runs from April through October.

The press conference also gave the newly appointed spokeswoman a chance to tout the city’s achievements over the past month, including the success of the Pattaya Vegetarian Festival, efforts to help flooding victims, and the launch of a new village-development program that offers communities up to 500,000 baht to manage their own affairs.