NIPSS says Pattaya needs more flood drains


The National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies has proposed that Pattaya lay drainage pipes, dig canals and construct a reservoir to control its perennial flooding problem.

NIPSS Chairman Preecha Ronarong chaired a May 10 meeting with Banglamung District Chief Chakorn Kanchawattana, Pattaya Deputy Mayor Wattana Chantanawaranon and National Railway Creation Project Deputy Gov. Kamol Thangkijcharoenchai on strategic projects related to the environment.

Preecha Ronarong, chairman of the National Institute for Policy and Strategic Studies.

Preecha suggested that monthly meetings should be held on the many issues Pattaya faces, but said the first priority is flooding, which city officials have been unable to control, despite many promises and projects.

He said that since existing drainage tunnels cannot be dug up, new ones should be added.

In addition, natural canals could be dug to move storm runoff.

Finally, a lake could be dug that would act as both a cache basin and natural reservoir to hold flood waters and store water for dry times.

Others attending the meeting nodded their heads in agreement with the ideas, but said there was no money to do any of what was suggested and tabled further discussion to a later time.