New U-turn aims to solve frequent smashups


Pattaya is upgrading a dangerous U-turn at Sukhumvit Soi 58 after a string of accidents near Pattaya School No. 7.

Sarawuth Thisawong, foreman for Chokeboonmee Ltd., on Dec. 1 led the work crew to build a new U-turn about 300 meters from the dangerous school turn, with the new outlet located opposite the Chonburi Pest Management Center.

The 1.3-million-baht project saw the addition of a footpath linking the long gap on the traffic island with the rest destined to be shrubbery.

Work is expected to conclude by year-end.

The new U-turn was necessitated by numerous accidents caused by traffic in and out of School No. 7. The new site is less congested and hoped to be less vulnerable to crashes.

Pattaya City has closed the U-turn at Sukhumvit 58 opposite Chonburi Pest Management Center.