Necklace snatched in South Pattaya

Bandith Sawadwong holds up the longer part of his gold necklace which the thieves couldn’t get away with.

Police are checking CCTV cameras to try to identify a thief who snatched a gold necklace in South Pattaya.

Bandith Sawadwong and his girlfriend reported the theft in front of Wat Boonsamphan School Oct. 21.

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Bandith said they were walking down the street when a man on a motorbike drove by and snatched the necklace. It broke, so he did not escape with all the gold.


The victim said he tried to follow the thief, but he escaped easily. Once alerted, police searched, but didn’t find the thief either. They’re now checking CCTVs.

Police were fast to arrive at the scene of the crime and began their investigations to find the perp.