Navy cleans Had Thien Beach


More than 100 Royal Thai Navy personnel took to Had Tien Beach to remove garbage that had washed ashore there.

Rear Adm. Noppadol Suphakorn, commander of the Air and Coastal Defense Command, organized the Sept. 3 cleanup of the beach that cuts across the entrance of the unit continuing a kilometer towards the Mangrove Forest Preservation Center.


He said the beach’s position often results in tides bringing in large amounts of trash thrown into the sea elsewhere in Thailand. He said as many as a million pieces of trash have been recovered in past cleanups. The sheer amount of garbage overwhelms the regular cleaning crews.

The Air and Coastal Defense Command is responsible for preserving the benefits of the sea and with Sea Turtles Preservation Center. The unit is also responsible for preserving sea turtles and Had Thien Beach, which attracts a large number of tourists.

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