Monks raise 2.5 million baht to relocate Glory Hut AIDS hospice


Two temples helped Nongprue sub-district raise more than 2.5 million baht to relocate an embattled AIDS hospice to a more-welcoming neighborhood with a robes-offering ceremony April 28.

The ceremony for the Glory Hut Foundation, led by Udom Prachatorn of Phrabat Nam Phu Temple in Lopburi Province and Pailin Siriwatchano from Sangkatan Wangpai Temple in Nonthaburi, saw Buddhist believers congregate all day at the Nongprue municipal building for praying, chanting and distribution of amulets.

Pra Udom Prachatorn (left), abbot of Phrabat Nam Phu Temple in Lopburi Province, and Pailin Siriwatchano (right), abbot of Sangkatan Wangpai Temple in Nonthaburi helped raise 2.52 million baht to move the Glory Hut AIDS hospice away from ignorant neighbors in the Lang Nern Community and into a new home in a more welcoming area near Horseshoe Point.

Nine monks began chanting at 8 a.m. to start the “pha pa” ceremony. The event drew many people from near and far who donated large amounts of cash as they enjoyed food and drink booths sponsored by local groups.

Abbot Udom of the Lopburi temple led a parade and traveled by foot to various locations to spread the word about pha pa activities taking place in Nongprue.

At 6 p.m., the Nonthaburi abbot took over, leading the distribution of 9,999 special-edition Buddha amulets to give away to supporters of the AIDS hospice.

In all, 2.52 million baht was raised for the embattled shelter, leaving the charity only 800,000 baht short of its 5-million-baht goal to purchase new 2.2 rai of land on Soi 16 in Tungkomtan-Man area of Moo 7 village near Horseshoe Point.

Glory Hut has been engaged in a battle with residents of the Lang Nern Community who cited everything from the fear of children being infected with AIDS to ghosts in their campaign to evict the charity out of their Pattaya-area neighborhood.

Nongprue launched its “Generosity for AIDS Patients” drive Aug. 24 in response to a June 2014 vote by the Soi Chaiyapornvitee 29 neighborhood to force Glory Hut to vacate.

The sub-district suggested the hospice move to Tungkomtan-Man but up to 5 million baht was needed to acquire land, construct facilities and relocate operations.

Donations are still being accepted through a Bangkok Bank branch in Lopburi, account number 289-0-84697-1. For more information, contact 081-308-1666.