Marathon Pattaya wheelchair ramp draws guffaws

One only hopes wheelchair users who need the bathroom aren’t in a hurry.

Wheelchair ramps are good. But 100-meter ramps may be overdoing it.

A PTT gas station on Highway 36 outside Pattaya became notorious on social media after a video showed a three-leg, 100-meter-long ramp awaiting those using wheelchairs.

Netizens scoffed that wheelchair users’ arms would be disabled by the long uphill journey.

A gas station employee found nothing odd about the ramp, saying it was installed for the disabled and awaited many restrooms designed with accessibility in mind at the top of the ramp.

It’s the thought that counts, although it’s a wonder how many who need this will actually have the stamina to use it.

Once the mountain is climbed, the bathrooms are wheelchair-friendly at the PTT gas station on Highway 36 Kratinglai-Rayong.