Marathon man finds, returns wallet found on route


A runner in the Pattaya Marathon had enough time to do a good deed before racing, stopping to retrieve – and later return – a wallet he found along the route.

Lt. Aniwat Poromrangsri from the Sattahip Naval Medical Division paid a visit to the Pattaya Police Department to return the wallet he found near Central Festival Pattaya Beach during the July 16 race.

Aniwat told police that he was preparing to participate in marathon about four hours before the race started when he found the wallet containing money and personal documents. He said he did not want a reward.

Tapana Aksornan later showed up to claim the wallet, which contained 2,100 baht. He thanked the athlete and added that there are many good people out there who do not wish to take advantage of other people.

He insisted on giving Aniwat a reward, but the naval officers refused.


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