Mab Pradhu sprays for mosquitos


The Pattaya Public Health Department sprayed for mosquitos in the Mab Pradhu Community to prevent outbreaks of dengue fever.


Passorn Meros led a team of health workers to fumigate the neighborhood Nov. 15. They were joined by residents, volunteers and community leaders who assisted them.

Health workers scouted out water sources inside and outside of homes, in tunnels, ponds, puddles, lakes and creeks across a wide radius. There were many damp areas after the recent rain storms, all of which could serve as breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitos.

The pesticide is not harmful to humans, but clings to objects and water sources, killing the insect within moments. It also kills larvae in the water.

Passorn said the department eventually will spray all 42 Pattaya neighborhoods, also instructing residents on how to keep their areas dry and bug-free.