Love triangle turns violent in Pattaya

Teeraphan points to his Toyota Yaris that looked like Swiss cheese after a mystery gunman sprayed his car with a volley of bullets. He was unhurt.

A love triangle turned violent Sunday when one of two rivals for a Pattaya woman sprayed his opponent’s car with gunfire.

Teeraphan Moonma, 34, reported to police July 4 that an unknown gunman turned the side of his Toyota Yaris into Swiss cheese outside the Pattaya Waterworks Authority Pattaya office. He was uninjured.

The Thai Oil Co. employee told police the drama began the afternoon of July 3 when he and his girlfriend were drinking alcohol – in the PWA offices – with a half-dozen of the utility’s employees. A fierce argument began and someone at the PWA called police. Teeraphan told his girlfriend they were leaving, but she wouldn’t go.

That night, he called his lover to apologize and make up, but a man he didn’t know answered the phone. More angry words were exchanged.

Shortly after, the mystery man came to his house and Teeraphan pulled a knife to make him leave.

His girlfriend still not home, Teeraphan drove to the PWA office at 4:30 in the morning to wait for her. The mystery man pulled up in a car, got out and fired two weapons at the Toyota, Teeraphan told police.

Police are investigating.