Lottery gamblers roll log for luck


To the ordinary eye, it was just a big log that washed up on Pattaya Beach. To dozens of Thais, however, it was a harbinger of lucky lottery numbers.

Always looking for a source of inspiration, superstitious gamblers wrapped the 5-meter-long log that landed near Soi 4 Aug. 31 with silk and lit incense and candles to pray for winning numbers. Others made donations of strawberry Fanta and sprinkled the lumber in powder.

Is that a 9 or a 4?  Better bet on both, just in case. Is that a 9 or a 4?  Better bet on both, just in case.

One of the hopefuls, Duangkamol Pholcharoen, said beach vendors spotted the log floating off the coast and about 10 used a rope to pull it in. Waterlogged, the log would not move. But Duangkamol claims someone then made a prayer and it started to move easily.

Time will tell if the log is lucky or just kindling for future fireside fairy tales.