Loan sharks suspected in assault on hotel guard


Loan sharks are suspected in the assault of a hotel security guard on Pattaya Beach.

Songkran Mulsarn, 48, was found locked in handcuffs and lying on Pattaya Beach around 3 a.m. April 28. Badly beaten, he was transported to Banglamung Hospital for treatment of head wounds.

The guard from the Dusit Thani Hotel said he had been walking on the beach when he was approached by a woman who asked him for money for beer. He gave it to her, only to next be approached by two men on a motorbike.

Police and rescue workers attend to the injured security guard, found locked in handcuffs and lying on Pattaya Beach.

They threatened him for cash, saying he owed them money. But Songkran only had 200 baht on him, which he quickly turned over. However, the two suspected debt collectors were unhappy and tied him up and then bludgeoned him with a piece of lumber.

Police suspect the men were enforcers for loan sharks, part of an organized crime gang that works Pattaya Beach.