Lads lambasted for public peeing


Two British lads captured on a viral video drunkenly urinating on a Pattaya street were slapped with 1,000-baht fines after they sobered up and turned themselves in.

On Sept. 12, Thanaporn Jaisaquan, 39, posted the video of the Britons’ antics on Beach Road near Soi 12 on her Facebook page and it took fire with the expected amount of outrage and ridicule.

Two days later, a humbled Englishman Mark Culleton, 35, and Scot Thomas Maughan, 29, came to Pattaya Police Station and told officers, via a translator, that they didn’t know the culture of Thailand that well and didn’t mean to offend anybody.

Contrite urinators Mark Culleton and Thomas Maughan turned themselves in after being caught peeing on Beach Road.

They admitted they were drunk and had an overwhelming urge to pee, so they stopped their car and took care of business.

Both men presented flowers in apology, but it didn’t save them from getting a 1,000 baht fine each and a warning to keep their pee to themselves.