Korean couple leaves 100,000 on beach after midnight, surprised to find it stolen


A Korean couple that left more than 100,000 baht in a bag on Pattaya Beach after midnight while they went swimming unsurprisingly returned to find the money gone.

Tour guide Lee Sang Choi, 35, and girlfriend Lee Seoui Bi, 21, had taken a 1 a.m. dip in the sea opposite the Tropicana Hotel Sept. 4 and left their clothes and belongings on the sand. Inside one bag was 65,000 baht, $1,300, South Korean currency, three Samsung Note tablet phones and a watch.

The couple reported seeing two men on a motorbike park on the sidewalk, with one walking over and taking their belongings before they could get out of the water. They called for help, but no one assisted.

Needless to say, carrying that much cash and valuables around Pattaya – or anywhere for that matter – after dark and especially leaving it unattended after midnight on a beach, is ill advised.