Joint effort reduces Songkran road accidents by 10%


Cooperation between varied government units and the private sector has reduced road accidents during this year’s Songkran festival by 10 percent.

Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) Permanent Secretary Sophon Mekthon said the number of fatalities during the Songkran road safety campaign from 11 to 17 April was reported at 390 deaths, compared to last year’s 442 deaths or a 11.76 percent decrease.

He said the reduction in the fatalities resulted from good cooperation among the authorities and the general public focusing on road safety measures and traffic rules.

Meanwhile, 28,504 injuries were reported during Songkran holiday, 4,189 of whom were hospitalized and 8,229 cases about 28 percent involved driving under the influence of alcohol.
About 20 percent of patients involved in drunk driving was youths aged below 20 years.

The MOPH and the police conducted alcohol-in-blood tests and sent 610 samples for lab tests since 16 April.