Hundreds queue at Jomtien Immigration

Long lines have formed at the Chonburi Immigration headquarters in Pattaya-Jomtien.

To the surprise of many, Chonburi Immigration headquarters in Jomtien has been busy all week, culminating in long queues on the rainy morning of Friday May 28. The principal reason is that many 60 days “Covid” visas, awarded to foreigners who preferred to stay in Thailand or were forced to do so because the land borders remain closed for most purposes, needed renewing at the end of May for a further two months.

At press time, there had been no confirmation from the immigration bureau in Bangkok that further 60 days “Covid” extensions would be granted after May 29 when the current policy comes to an end.  However, it is widely expected that a positive announcement will be made over the weekend.  Jack Carter, a longstay British tourist, said, “I want to stay longer and want to get my next 60 days before the current one runs out next week.  Best to take no chances as far as immigration rules are concerned.”

Many 60 days “Covid” visas need renewing at the end of May for a further two months.